The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Advanced Tips and Tricks

The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Advanced Tips and Tricks:


The Legend of Zelda’s Tears of the Kingdom, known by some as the story of the hero of Hyrule, offers players a vast and immersive sandbox experience. In this article, we will share some advanced tips and tricks to help you navigate the game more effectively. We’ve got you covered from taming wild horses to utilizing Zonai devices. Let’s dive in!

Taming Wild Horses with Choo-Choo Jelly

Tired of getting kicked in the face every time you try to tame a wild horse? Worry no longer! Fuse a white Choo-Choo jelly into your arrow and freeze the horse right in its tracks. This allows you to approach without worry and hop on as soon as they unfreeze. It may cost you an arrow and some materials, but the convenience is worth it.

Launching Wings Anywhere with Ultra Hand and Recall

Wings are undoubtedly cool Zonai devices, but you usually need a railed platform to launch them. However, there’s a trick to launching wings from anywhere! Attach some fans to the wings, then use the Ultra Hand to lift them up into the air and hold them there. While they are suspended, get on the wing and initiate the Recall ability. As the wing starts moving upwards, strike the fans or the wing itself to send it forward. This will keep the wing off the ground long enough to clear the platform, giving you the freedom to explore the sky.

Maximizing Recall and Ultra Hand Combination

Recall and Ultra Hand are powerful tools on their own, but combining them can unlock even greater potential. When facing a gap, use the Ultra Hand to bring a platform or object across it. Then, recall the platform to your side and hop on. This method will move Link most of the way, if not all the way, across gaps, making traversal faster and more efficient. The same technique applies to vertical cliffs, providing a useful alternative to climbing, especially in wet or icy conditions. You can even use nearby trees as makeshift elevators.

Building Bridges with Creativity

If you cannot navigate from point A to B, why not build a bridge? Tears of the Kingdom encourages outside-the-box thinking, and building a long bridge can be an ingenious solution. By combining recall tricks with the ability to fuse objects, you can create a super-long bridge using boards and magic glue. This simple yet effective method can help you overcome obstacles and expand your exploration possibilities.

Utilizing Zonai Devices and Items

With the array of tools available from the start, it’s easy to overlook the individual usefulness of certain items. Muddle buds, dazzle fruits, puff shrooms, and many more can drastically tip battles in your favor. Muddle buds confuse enemies upon impact, making them great for crowd control. Dazzle fruits stun enemies briefly and disarm them, allowing you to claim their weapons. Puff shrooms can be fused to your shield to create a smoke screen, temporarily blinding enemies. Experiment with these items to discover their full potential.

Shield Fusing for Explosive Fun

Fusing explosive elements like bomb flowers or explosive barrels to your shield not only protects you from the explosion but also turns your shield into a powerful weapon. When enemies strike your shield, the bombs will detonate, causing damage to the attackers. Additionally, fusing explosive devices to your weapons can help clear out groups of enemies effectively. Don’t hesitate to attach whatever may create an explosion to a weapon, giving you more adaptability in combat.

Recalling Projectiles and Stone Talus Strategy

Most projectiles thrown by enemies can be recalled back at them, providing an opportunity for counterattacks. Rocks, explosives, and even other objects can be redirected using the recall ability. This is particularly useful when facing Stone Talus mini-bosses, as recalling the rocks temporarily stuns them, granting you a chance to attack their weak spots.

Sorting Inventory for Efficiency

As you progress through this massive adventure, you’ll acquire a multitude of items. To avoid clutter and streamline your inventory management, take advantage of the sorting feature. Pressing the “Y” button while holding up an item allows you to sort by most used, Zonai devices, type, or highest fuse damage. Keeping your inventory organized will save you time and ensure you have the right tools at your disposal.

Shield Surfing with Zonai Device Fusion

Shield surfing is a thrilling activity in Tears of the Kingdom, but it can quickly degrade your shield’s durability. To extend the longevity of your shield and enhance your surfing experience, consider fusing Zonai device carts or regular minecarts to your shield. This fusion provides additional durability and allows you to move faster on specific terrains.


In this article, we’ve shared a range of advanced tips and tricks to help you master Tears of the Kingdom. From taming wild horses with Choo-Choo Jelly to creatively building bridges and utilizing Zonai devices, there’s no shortage of exciting strategies to enhance your gameplay.

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