The Day Before Official Gameplay Trailer showcases some intense action and excitement

The Day Before Official Gameplay Trailer: The creators of The Day Before, a game that has raised some skepticism, have recently unveiled a new gameplay trailer for their upcoming post-pandemic MMO survival game based in America. Many have found the game to be enjoyable, particularly due to its well-designed assets.

Although our team is eagerly anticipating the game’s release, we must acknowledge that the gameplay trailer seems to only feature a 10-minute segment of intense action that cannot be unseen. This has raised questions about the developer’s decision to focus on this aspect. The YouTube comment section reflects this sentiment, with fans criticizing the game’s clothing choices.

The official gameplay trailer by IGN can be found below:

The Day Before game has a similar feel to The Division, but with zombies, and the gameplay trailer suggests that it may lack content beyond the environment. The game’s release was delayed to November 10 due to a trademark dispute, which also affected the release of the official gameplay trailer. The removal of the game from the Steam store also had some consequences.

Fans worldwide are eagerly anticipating this new post-apocalyptic MMO, despite recent criticism. What is your opinion on the game? Let us know in the comments below!

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