Chainsaw Man x Nikke Crossover Event: 3 New Devil Hunters Join the Battle

Chainsaw Man x Nikke Crossover Event: 3 New Devil Hunters Join the Battle

The Nikkes are going to get some backup from the Public Safety Department Special Division 4. Publisher Level Infinite announced a new crossover between Chainsaw Man and Nikke (formally Goddess of Victory: Nikke). The Chainsaw Man x Nikke crossover will be fully playable from February 22, 2023, through March 14, 2023. It’ll add three characters from the Chainsaw Man cast to the playable roster.

Check out a trailer for the Chainsaw Man x Nikke event below.

The trailer shows the Nikke characters Rapi and Anis approaching what looks to be a massive Rapture tyrant in a city. Meanwhile, Himeno opens fire on the Rapture from a rooftop using an arm-mounted beam cannon while Aki and Makima look on. Power fires missiles from a devil-powered rocket launcher, and receives an assist from Himeno’s ghost devil abilities. Denji, in his Chainsaw Man form, appears in the last frame of the teaser.

The announcement confirms earlier speculation about the event. In recent days leaks of ads and marketing material ignited rumors among Nikke fans, who’ve been expecting a collaboration event of some sort, and Chainsaw Man fans, who’ve seen increasing numbers of Chainsaw Man crossovers.

The Chainsaw Man x Nikke event is officially titled “Bullet x Chainsaw.” it’ll add Public Safety devil hunters Himeno, Makima, and strength as playable characters. Their comrades Aki Hayakawa and Denji might be involved in the event story, but won’t be playable. This is probably due to the truth that all playable characters in Nikke (up to now) gift as female.

As for the game itself, Goddess of Victory: Nikke is a free-to-play game that blends elements of RPGs, idler games, and third-person shooters. Players control squads of “Nikke,” powerful cyborgs that fight against the alien Raptures. Humanity has been driven to the brink of extinction, surviving in an underground settlement called the Ark. Human commanders (like the player) lead armies of Nikke in their attempts to retake the surface from the Rapture menace. Different playable Nikkes wield various weapons, ranging from assault rifles and submachine guns to sniper rifles, shotguns, machine guns, and rocket launchers. To conform to Nikke‘s shooting-based gameplay, the Chainsaw Man characters will wield firearms in combat. Power is likely to be a launcher-type unit, and Himeno’s beam cannon could be classed as a launcher or sniper rifle. Makima’s weapon isn’t shown in the promo art or trailer.

The Chainsaw Man x Nikke crossover announcement also coincides with the release of a PC version of the game, which was exclusive to mobile platforms from its launch in November 2022. You can download the PC version of Nikke from this link. The PC version supports cross-progression with the mobile edition, so players can switch between platforms as they please and retain their rosters and progress. The PC edition supports higher-end hardware to maximize game performance, as well as mouse-and-keyboard controls for aiming and menu navigation. Though the mobile edition of the game defaults to portrait orientation, a landscape mode is also available to take advantage of the widescreen aspect ratio typical to PC monitors.

Goddess of Victory: Nikke is available on iOS, Android, and PC. The “Bullet x Chainsaw” event lasts from February 22, 2023, through March 14, 2023.

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