Minecraft Legends Guide: How to Unlock All Mounts

Minecraft Legends Guide:

“Minecraft Legends” is a real-time strategy game that takes place in the world of Minecraft. In this game, players have the option to ride on different mounts to explore the game’s open world. Although players cannot dismount and walk around, they can easily switch from one mount to another by jumping onto a new saddle. At the time of the game’s release, there are several mounts available to choose from.

The Horse is the starting mount in Minecraft Legends, and it actually has a special ability – unlimited stamina. This means you can sprint continuously while riding it across the map. If you need to get another Horse after switching to another mount, you can find them at the center of any village. By consuming Speed Wheat, the Horse can briefly obtain a dash ability, which is faster than the standard sprint. Bounce Shrooms can also be used to make the Horse jump higher and get over obstacles, but be careful of fall damage if you jump from too high up.

The Regal Tiger is a fast mount in Minecraft Legends with striped purple shading that makes it easily noticeable. It is known for its sprint speed, which allows players to attack and retreat quickly. However, unlike the Horse, it has limited stamina and needs to be managed carefully to avoid exhaustion. Regal Tigers can be found wandering in the Dry Savanna and Badlands biomes, and sometimes, they appear in neon pink shades. The Bounce Shrooms can also increase the Regal Tiger’s jumping height, which is beneficial since its default jump is quite low. However, players should use it carefully as it may sustain fall damage.

The Big Beak is a colorful bird mount that is almost as fast as Regal Tigers, but with the added advantage of being able to glide through the air to some extent. Its special ability is its ability to jump higher and glide safely to the ground, allowing you to traverse high peaks and water bodies quickly and safely. Hold down the designated jump button to start gliding after you’ve taken off.

These mounts can be found in the mountainous Jagged Peaks as well as the Swamp biomes. They can often be heard before they are seen, thanks to their distinct chirping. The Big Beak is an excellent choice for getting a bird’s-eye view of the map, allowing you to make better plans and decisions during battles. Even simply exploring the map is made easier by gliding high in the sky, but only if you can find a high enough peak to launch from in the first place.

The Brilliant Beetle is a slow but adaptable mount in Minecraft Legends. Its unique ability is its capability to climb any structure or terrain, making it a valuable asset when attacking enemy bases. Additionally, the Brilliant Beetle is the fastest among land-based mounts when traversing water. If you fall while riding the Brilliant Beetle, you can press the designated Jump button to flap its wings and safely glide back to the ground. The Brilliant Beetle can be found in Jungle and Forest biomes, and its distinctive appearance includes wings and a horn.

To locate mounts in Minecraft Legends, start by heading to the relevant biome. As you explore, a question mark will appear on the map if you are near a secret. This secret might not be a mount, but if it is, the question mark will turn into the relevant mount’s icon as you get closer. It’s important to note that the mount might be located at the outskirts of the biome or even in a neighboring biome, so keep an eye out for any clues. Since the maps in Minecraft Legends are procedurally generated, there is no guaranteed way to find a mount, but exploring the relevant biomes is a good start.

PVP Mounts Location When it comes to multiplayer PvP, the mount you ride into battle can be the key to victory. In contrast to the campaign and co-op modes, mounts can be found in any biome during PvP matches. This means you have more options to find the mount that perfectly complements your role in the team, no matter where you’re fighting. To increase your chances of success, it’s essential to acquire the mount that suits your playstyle and strategy as early as possible. Take the time to explore all available options and find the mount that will help you tip the balance in your favor.

Swapping Mounts is a breeze in this game. All you have to do is ride up to a new mount and the “Swap Mounts” command will appear when you get close enough. Simply hold down the designated button and you’ll jump on your new ride in no time. You can leave your previous mount behind or rally them to ride alongside you, providing you with the flexibility to swap mounts as the situation demands.

If you decide to leave your mount behind entirely, don’t worry. You can always retrieve them at any Well Of Fate or at the center of a liberated village near the fountain when you spawn or teleport in. Even after you’ve unlocked them for the first time, you can still find and ride new mounts in the wild whenever you come across them. So keep your eyes peeled and take advantage of all the mounts at your disposal!

Skins: In addition to the default skins for each mount, there are also several other skins available for purchase in the marketplace stores. These skins are purely cosmetic and can give your mount a unique look to set you apart from other players. There is also the potential to earn special mount skins by participating in the Lost Legends challenge mode, though none have been offered yet.

Currently, the following skins are available in the marketplace stores:

  • Chestnut Horse
  • Bluebill Big Beak
  • Flaming Carapace Beetle
  • Coral Tiger

So, whether you want a majestic horse or a fierce beetle, there’s a skin to suit every taste. Keep in mind that these skins don’t offer any gameplay advantages, but they can make your mount stand out in a crowd. And with that, you’re ready to ride your way to victory in Minecraft Legends!

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