Genshin Impact: “Tadhla The Falcon” World Quest Guide and Tips

Tadhla The Falcon” is a World Quest added in Genshin Impact version 3.4. It is one of the several sequels to The Dirge of Bilqis quest chain, which is a sequel to the Golden Slumber quest chain from version 3.1. To start this quest, players will have to wait for the daily reset after completing the final part of The Dirge of BilqisThe Eternal Dream, Ever Lush. This World Quest will not automatically be added to the World Quest list, players will actually have to visit the starting location of the quest to trigger it.

Genshin Impact Tadhla The Falcon: Finding Tadhla

Visit the Tanit Camps and talk to Masseira. A World Quest icon will appear on the mini-map that will lead to him. After talking to him, go to the marked location. Here, defeat the Fatui. Afterward, speak to Tadhla who is right beside the tent. After talking to her, return to the Tanit Camps and report to Masseira.

Rewards and Sequel of the Quest

  • 30x Primogems
  • 2x Hero’s Wits

With this, “Tadhla The Falcon” comes to an end. It was indeed a rather short quest. This is not the last quest involving Tadhla. The sequel to this, “The Falcon’s Hunt” will be immediately available in the World Quest list. The sequel to “The Falcon’s Hunt.” “The Fallen Falcon” will also likewise become after completing it.

“Tadhla The Falcon” is one of the prerequisites for the World Quest “Her Foes Rage Like Great Waters…” However, one of the prerequisites for “Her Foes Rage Like Great Waters…” is the World Quest “The Fallen Falcon.” Therefore, players will not be able to start “Her Foes Rage Like Great Waters…” without making some significant progress in Tadhla-related quests.

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