Dead Cells Clean Cut Update available for PC, featuring new weapons and speedrun mode

Dead Cells Clean Cut Update available for PC: In the aftermath of Return to Castlevania, Motion Twin, and Evil Empire have launched a new update for the rogue-lite side-scrolling game, Dead Cells, which aligns with academic writing standards. The update, called Clean Cut, introduces two new weapons and unveils The Tailor’s daughter, a hairstyling specialist, among other features. The update is currently available for PC, with console updates to follow later.

The two new weapons are the Sewing Scissors, a Survival weapon that enables the player to kill all enemies in one go after defeating a single enemy, and the Giant Comb, a Brutality-focused weapon that launches enemies into the air and causes critical damage while they are airborne. Additionally, players can now equip the “Bobby” head on all skins, adding more variety to their gameplay.

Furthermore, the update includes a Speedrun mode, allowing players to track the time of each run, and a DIY option for Boss Rush, enabling them to select which bosses to face. Moreover, players can confront Return to Castlevania’s bosses in Boss Rush, including enhanced versions with new abilities. The update also includes balance changes and reworks for Mutations such as Combo and Disengagement. See below for some of the patch notes.

The latest update, “Clean Cut”, has been released for Dead Cells. It brings various improvements and additions to enhance the overall gaming experience, including new weapons and features to explore.

  • 2 new weapons
  • Change your head to Bobby with most outfits
  • Speedrun mode
  • Boss Rush now has customisation options and Return to Castlevania bosses (including upgraded versions)
  • Training Room has a ton of new customisation.

New items

The update introduces two new weapons, namely the Sewing Scissors and the Giant Comb. Both of these weapons are essential for achieving a clean cut, and players can find them in the Tailor’s room.

The Sewing Scissors are a large pair of scissors that scale with Survival. They have the ability to instakill all enemies they hit, but only if at least one of the enemies is killed by the attack’s standard damage. This weapon is particularly useful against rats.

On the other hand, the Giant Comb is a Brutality weapon that launches enemies upwards on the first hit and deals critical damage to enemies that are not on the ground.


It seems that the Tailor had a daughter all this time, and luckily, she has the ability to change the player’s head to the “Bobby version” with most skins. This is a crazy turn of events!

New Speedrun mode

Additionally, the game now features a new Speedrun Mode that includes in-game time tracking for speedrunners and players who want to monitor their progress while attempting to reach the Hand of the King. By activating this mode, players can track and view their completion times for each biome, as well as their previous best times.

Moreover, the game has undergone a significant amount of upgrading, reworking, and rebalancing.


  • The Clean Cut update introduces a new mode in Boss Rush called “DIY” mode. This mode allows players to select which bosses they want to face during their run.
  • The “Return to Castlevania” bosses are now accessible in both Boss Rush and the Training Room
  • Enhanced bosses have been tweaked in the Boss Rush.
  • Training Room has multiple new options for you to practice your skills:
  • – New UIs to spawn a specific weapon with a set Level, Quality, and Legendary-ness.
    – New UI to choose a certain number of scrolls
    – New UI to choose the overall scaling level of the Training Room, based on the values of a selected biome.
    – Added the mini-bosses to the mob spawners
    – Added a bunch of different traps to the mob rooms.
    – Added the Return to Castlevania Bosses.
    – Bosses aren’t scaled down to level 1 anymore! (no more 20 minutes fights)
    – Changed the UI to select mobs to a grid-based one.
    – Added a Training Dummy for DPS calculation.


Slow effects in the game can now stack up to 5 times. As each stack increases, the affected enemy will slow down more and more, until it is eventually frozen solid at the fifth stack.

Bunch of Mutation Reworks:

  • Combo: now has a true combo meter and enables a damage increase with every melee hit in a 2.5-second window that refreshes after every hit. It scales exponentially.
  • Tainted Flask: can recharge even if not totally empty, and adds 1 more elite into every biome when equipped.
  • Networking: you can mark enemies with ranged attacks now, without needing an actual projectile stuck in the mob’s body.
  • Berserker: now stacks and makes you immune to stuns.
  • Necromancy: now scales with the max health of the mobs you kill, allowing for more healing from killing stronger enemies. The cap of up to a “maximum 50% HP” is eliminated, but healing power is less effective as you get closer to max health.
  • Frostbite: now stacks with slow effects and acts as a full stack on frozen targets.
  • Dead Inside: now doubles your life but prevents ALL healing sources except healing with recovery.
  • Disengagement: no longer has a cooldown but can only trigger once per biome.
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