Bugsnax is officially coming to the iOS App Store soon, as announced by the game developer Young Horses.

Bugsnax is officially coming to the iOS App Store soon. Young Horses has announced that their popular game, Bugsnax, will be coming to a new platform. The game is set to launch on the iOS app store in the summer of 2023, with touchscreen controls available for players. Bugsnax will also support a variety of third-party gamepads for those who prefer a more traditional gaming experience.

Young Horses only shared limited details regarding the Bugsnax iOS release, leaving out important information such as the price and gameplay clips. However, they assured fans that more details would be revealed in due time.

In Bugsnax, players assume the role of a reporter who receives an invitation to the enigmatic Snaktooth Island in search of a big scoop. After experiencing an accident upon arrival, they wake up to discover that their life has been completely altered.

In Bugsnax, players must capture the legendary creatures known as Bugsnax, which are half-bug, half-snack creatures found on the island of Snaktooth. In addition, players are tasked with discovering the island’s inhabitants and learning about their unique stories.

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