Atomic Heart Neuromodule Bug: How to Fix

Atomic Heart is a promising action survival game, but it suffers from persistent bugs that have been present since its launch. One particularly frustrating bug prevents players from collecting Neuromodules.

As reported by online users, the Neuromodule bug in Atomic Heart appears to be most prevalent after defeating a boss encounter. The issue arises when players attempt to collect their hard-earned resources, as for some unknown reason, the neuromodule extracted from the boss’s body remains suspended in the air indefinitely and cannot be collected.

The result of this issue is that players are unable to upgrade their character and weapons, which is a significant setback. It is a frustrating experience for players who have worked hard to defeat a boss and earn Neuromodules, only to have their progress halted by a persistent bug.

Atomic Heart Neuromodule Bug Fix

On February 25th and 26th, the game developer Mundfish released PATCH for the Steam version of the game. The patch includes a system that is designed to fix all environment-stuck issues, including the Neuromodule Bug.

However, there is currently no anecdotal evidence to suggest that the patch is effective, and it is unclear when the patch will be available on consoles. Hopefully, the patch will successfully address the issues it is intended to fix.

The developer of Atomic Heart has announced that an upcoming patch will include various updates and fixes, including

  • achievement fixes,
  • FOV settings, and
  • UI and subtitles size settings.

It is not currently known when this patch will be released, but it is anticipated to address some of the issues that players have been experiencing.

If the patch does not fix the issue with the Neuromodules, you can try the following steps to resolve it:

  1. Make sure that you have enough space in your inventory. In some cases, the Neuromodules may not be picked up if there is not enough space in your inventory. It is recommended to have a few empty slots available before attempting to loot enemies.

  2. If the above step does not work, you may have to restart the game from the beginning. This is not an ideal solution, but it may be necessary to resolve the issue.


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